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Sister Races - Kasi Shyam by kyan Sister Races - Kasi Shyam by kyan
It was about time I had a go at drawing some of my Sister Races characters again. So here's an updated image of mason/carpenter Kasi Shyam.

I really need to write up the Kalvair info because all I really have atm focuses entirely on the Kevali, oops.
But anyway, Kasi is Kalvair, hence the darker skin and different horns.

The Kalvair homeworld is an arid, two sun world with large swathes of desert and barren wilderness. Kalvair settlements cluster around rivers and other water sources, where the land is at least moderately farmable and they can eak a meagre living.

Their harsh environment has led the Kalvair to develop ingenious techniques of capturing and transporting water, they are masters of irrigation and drainage.

Their seasons are divided into two, the wet season which lasts only a matter of months and the dry season which is almost twice as long.
Their days are long and the Kalvair sleep through the heat of the day, active at dawn and into early evening before poor light forces them indoors.

Most Kalvair are farmers, their main source of food being that they can grow themselves or trade with nearby villages.
Settlements are small but closely clustered, often comprised of only a handful of family units who band together to tend the land and manage the livestock. For the Kalvair, a community can only survive if they work as one.
Each commune trades regularly with others, even exchanging individuals in an attempt to avoid inbreeding. The tradition of arranged marriages is strong within Kalvair culture and those betrothed seldom get any say in the matter.

They are not a space faring race, their technology level being somewhat primitive. They have limited to no contact with any other race but their own and their sibling race, the Kevali, close cousins from whom their people split off from millennia ago.
The Kevali and Kalvair rely on dimension rifts to travel, tears in space and time that allow them to practically teleport from one world to the next. The origins of this ability is lost to time, though both races believe it to be a gift from their gods, whom they believe have taken semi mortal form to guide them.
These “gods”, the High Council of the Enlightened Elders (to give their full title), act as a sort of high government. They seldom, if ever, interact with commoners.
Kalvair government is almost entirely given over to regional governors who report to their Lord and the High Council. They have a lot of freedom and autonomy, which suits the Kalvair just fine.


Full name: Kasi Shyam (Shyam, Kasi’s earned name, the name given to him upon reaching adulthood, means “Dark blue”. The story behind this is lost to time. It may have something to do with his fondness for the colour, or some sort of reference to his individual way of thinking.)

Gender: Male

Race: Kalvair

Place of birth: A small village somewhere on the Kalvair home world.

Date of birth: Late spring. (The Kalvair pay little attention to dates of birth, tending to only ever remember the approximate season, after all, they don’t celebrate birthdays.)

Vital stats

Age: Around 38 years by the Earth calendar, not that Kasi is aware of this. To the Sister Races, age simply isn’t particularly important. Individuals are grouped by broad terms, infant, child, adult and elder.

Thanks to the unusual ageing process of his race, Kasi is still considered fairly young to his own people. By human comparison, he’d be somewhere in his early to mid twenties.

The Sister Races are extremely long lived, health and external factors permitting.

Height: 5’5” Around average height for his race.

Weight: 142lb

Eyes: Indigo

Hair: Black

Skin: Tanned

Build: Slender, Athletic

Posture: Slightly hunched


Kasi is, for his race, of fairly average height and build. To the human eye however, he’s rather short, standing only five foot five excluding his horns.

His form is lean and lithe, much like that of a gymnast or a swimmer. His features are sharp and angular, his nose somewhat hooked and his almond shaped eyes are a deep indigo tone. His upper jaw juts forward slightly, giving Kasi a deep overbite (Though the Kalvair jaw deformity is nowhere near as pronounced as their sister race the Kevali). His teeth are somewhat oversized, the eyeteeth and lateral incisors in particular are elongated but not especially sharp.

Kasi’s skin is the rich copper tone common amongst his people, naturally olive skin tanned by hours of toil under the glare of two suns. His time away from his home world has dulled his complexion of course, but he could never be considered pale.

Beneath each eye Kasi has tattoos, a vertical line intersected by two horizontal lines. (The marks of his station, an engineer)

His ears are long and each tapers into two distinct points. Each ear is pierced multiple times and decorated with twisted metal and what can only be described as fishing hooks and decorative lures. (This is common practice amongst both sister races.)

Long sweeping horns follow the curve of his skull before twisting at right angles and ending in two blunted, downward points either side of his head.

Kasi’s hair is almost waist length, thick, slightly wavy and jet-black. He tends to wear it tied into two rough bunches or pigtails and thread blue beads, feathers and ribbon throughout. Elaborate hair-styles are not uncommon amongst the Kalvair, who put a far greater emphasis on individuality than the Kevali could ever comprehend.

Kasi’s posture isn’t great, used to hard physical labour, his form is somewhat hunched. Various knicks and cuts scar his hands and arms particularly, more evidence of a hard life.

His feet are twisted, a common deformity amongst his people His weight rests predominantly on the ball of the foot and his toes are almost as long as his fingers.


Kasi seems more comfortable in natural fibres and designs that don’t inhibit his movement. Beyond this however, his taste in attire is eclectic and chaotic to say the least. He loves beads and trinkets, anything shiny he seems to just collect and adorn himself with. Along with the countless beads and feathers in his hair, he wears several necklaces and bracelets. He seems to be unnaturally attracted to vividly coloured cloths and doesn’t quite seem to understand the concept of clashing tones. It doesn’t help that he has muted colour perception, as most Kalvair. While he can see in colour, he doesn’t have the depth of tone humans do; which is likely the reason the more vivid tones appeal, he can see and differentiate them better.

His concept of stereotypically gender appropriate attire isn’t entirely clear either, as he’ll quite happily wear skirts or other typical feminine items.

He’s been described as looking like some sort of court jester, which is a fairly accurate description really.


Kasi is a free thinker, unusual amidst his people in his insatiable curiosity and fascination with all things alien. Never completely content with his lot in life, Kasi has, never-the-less, never been one to complain. He gets on with things in that industrious manner his kind are well known for. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t dream, in fact, Kasi has a great deal of ambition and drive. An explorer by heart, he never can quite seem to settle anywhere. He lives a nomadic existence, forever driven to seek out new experiences and cultures. Perhaps it’s some sort of ongoing quest to find somewhere he really belongs, even he himself isn’t sure why he’s overcome with such wanderlust.

Kasi tries to be polite, but his limited understanding of other cultures leads him to inadvertently offend or annoy a lot of people. He asks too many questions, stares a little too intently at people and seems somewhat hesitant to actually touch anyone.

The problem is, he is still an alien, alone in the universe and completely overwhelmed by how much there is to see and learn. It takes a lot to overwrite over thirty years of cultural conditioning, and Kasi is quite obviously struggling. He never quite realised how difficult outcasting himself to travel the universe really would be, a decision he’s steadily starting to question was really right after all.

Social Standing

Education: Fully trained Civil Engineer, retraining in Mechanical Engineering. – Kasi has signed on board an exploratory vessel and is currently trying his best to learn how all this alien technology works. He’s having to learn a lot from scratch, and his progress isn’t as easy as he’d have hoped. Despite the similar disciplines, star craft technology so very different to the comparatively primitive and mostly agricultural background he came from.

Occupation: Apprentice engineer

Social status (if applicable): Voluntary outcast. To be outcast from The People, literally banished from the home worlds and sent to travel the stars alone, is the gravest punishment. Kasi took this burden upon himself, though he’s never explained his reasons why, all he’ll ever admit to is a yearning for more. Whatever his reason, it was enough for him to leave everything he had known behind him.

It is obvious his separation from his entire race pains him, but he maintains that the rewards are well worth that agony.

Skills and Talents


Mother tongue: Kalvair/Kevali

Other languages: Universal trade

Racial abilities:

- Elemental affinity – fire – Both the Kevali and the Kalvair have what they refer to as a “Symbiote Soul”, a mortal and elemental spirit entwined as one. Each individual is born aligned to one particular element, which is said to colour their personalities much as the human Zodiac.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing this symbiotic elemental does, it also endows it’s host with strange elemental abilities and imbues a bizarre fascination with the associated element.
Kasi’s particular elemental affinity is Fire, which is associated with emotion and passion. Kasi finds fire almost hypnotic, which is a fairly common side effect of this elemental fusion. He also has the ability to manipulate fire, create small sparks of flame from within himself and has limited fire resistance (He still burns if he’s stupid enough to stick his hand in a fire, but it takes a little more heat than it really should to do any real damage). Kasi also has a heightened body temperature, another side effect of his elemental.

- Kalvair are, in general, more resilient to temperature change than Humans. They exist in arid, scorching hot conditions by day with freezing cold nights, they’ve simply adapted to cope.

- Space folding – The Kevali and Kalvair also have an unusual knack for manipulating and folding space. They use this innate talent to effectively teleport, though the use of this power is exhausting and mentally taxing. They are also limited by their knowledge, Kasi cannot teleport to somewhere he has never been. The exact mechanics of this ability are unknown, even the Sister Races themselves cannot explain it. They bring to mind the memory of a place, focus upon it and take a single step. Folding space blind is dangerous and can be fatal; it’s not something any but the absolutely desperate or foolhardy are willing to try.


- Alien – Kasi is an alien, there’s no getting around that fact. More importantly, he’s an alien from a culture with no concept of space travel or computers or even electricity. His knowledge of other beings is limited and his ignorance shows.
He could be considered backwards, primitive to some, his race so isolated from the rest of the universe. In fact, there’s few who’ve even heard of the Kalvair, as a non space faring race, they’re just not important enough to bother with.
This makes Kasi’s presence on a space craft even more bizarre, an apparent savage trying to behave like civilised folks.
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TrueGormagon Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
Give her bue skin, red eyes, and dark almost black blue hair and she could so be an Adnihilo female. The Adnihilo are an alien race.
kyan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unfortunately the only art I can find of this race is this very image... hmm.. my first ever case of art theft?
1: This character is MALE
2: Please do not take my art and post it other places without my permission.
3: give him a huge amounts of changes and he's pass for this race? Hmm, I think someone is stretching.
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IsaacChroner Featured By Owner May 12, 2010   Writer
He looks wonderful, I like the dark skin tone :)
kyan Featured By Owner May 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I really like his horns myself lol. They're much more fun than the Kevali's rather boring little goat horns.
Jhessill Featured By Owner May 11, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Friend of mine sitting right here next to me says that's cool looking. I'm inclined to agree. She looks very serious.
kyan Featured By Owner May 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He. Lol. And thanks!
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